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Recycled Plastic Sheet

Recycled plastic sheets are utilised in place of glass or metal since these are lightweight and strong. They are an environmentally beneficial substitute for conventional materials because our offerings are created from recycled plastic bottles and other plastic trash. 

Brick Pallet

Brick pallets are simple to make a surface for bricks that is either temporary or permanent. When a lot of bricks are required for a project's building, brick pallets are frequently employed. Brick pallets are subsequently covered with bricks, which are secured using clamps or brackets. 

Plastic Shuttering Sheet

Plastic shuttering sheets are a kind of building material that are employed to build movable walls or fences. They can be used to construct a barrier that shields employees, machinery, and other items from potential dangers once they are placed. 

Paver Block Pallet

Paver block pallets are a special kind of pallet created specifically for the storing and transportation of paving blocks. Paver block pallets are helpful for companies that make fly-ash brick, concrete blocks, paver blocks, etc. 

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